Botanic Art and Contemporary watercolour Art classes, Melbourne Art Classes

Stefan Gevers has been running Botanical Art and Contemporary Watercolour Art classes in Melbourne since 2009.

Stefan is a professional award winning exhibiting artist with over 25 years experience. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Over the years Stefan has taught accredited courses at CAE and Tafe with excellent student feedback and has run Workshops Internationally and Interstate.

The Watercolour Art Classes are run in Stefan's studio in Kensington and provide an opportunity for students to learn about Botanic Art, Contemporary watercolour and master watercolour techniques in a relaxed, shared learning environment. We are proud to have experienced and talented artists/tutors teaching students the basic skills they need to eventually work independently on their own projects.

Together with tutor Jessie Ford, Stefan runs regular term classes as well as workshops. All tutors are professional artist exhibiting regularly and experts in Botanic Illustration and Contemporary watercolour.

All classes and workshops are suitable for beginners and the more advanced students. 

Stefan offers 7 week classes each term and one-day workshops.



Stefan Gevers is teaching on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings while Jessie Ford will teach the botanic Art Classes on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evenings. 

Jessie Ford specialises in floral and botanical art while working under the name of Fjord Illustration. She is a professional exhibiting artist whose work has most recently received a Highly Commended Award from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.
She has a Bachelor of Illustration, specific training in botanical art, and recently completed a 6 weeks artist's residency on Flinders Island, Tasmania. Jessie has now begun running workshops so she can share her joy of art and the natural world. 

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image: Jessie Ford 


Thank you for a rewarding and interesting workshop on Sunday. While I knew the workshop would cover ground I had previously approached, your workshop gave me a new view on aspects of the tasks involved.

Excellent, the tutor covered all aspects of botanical illustration. Sufficient to be motivated & keen to continue. Created a safe learning environment. 

Excellent communication and individual tuition. Nice class size, not too big. Well organised and structured ‐ clear goals set

Stefan was informative, patient and very proficient in his art. Many thanks to Stefan, and I plan to continue learning watercolour. 

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